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Teliax Online LSR

Teliax LSR (Simple)

This form can be used by NNSPs to request Simple Port LSR from Teliax Colorado (567G).
Please review the Teliax LNP Business Rules (found here)
1. Please provide your contact information. *This question is required.
Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation Identifies the COMMON LANGUAGE Interconnection Access Code (IAC) for the customer submitting the LSR and receiving the response.
Purchase Order Number Identifies the customer's unique purchase-order or requisition number that authorizes the issuance of this request or supplement
Teliax Customer Account Number
Desired due date This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Desired due date time and time zone
C = Number Portability
V = Conversion to new LSP
This field identifies the exchange carrier initiating the transaction.
This field identifies the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) Service Provider Identifier (SPI) of the new network service provider.
11. AGAUTH *This question is required.This field indicates that the customer is acting as an end user's agent and has an authorization on file.
This field is used to let the new service provider direct the correct administration of E-911 records.
D = Wireline to wireline
This field identifies the zip code of the end user's service address and is used to validate that the correct end user's telephone number has been sent on the port request.
This field identifies the telephone number or consecutive range of telephone numbers residing in the same switch to be ported.
This field identifies the submitting service provider's order version number and enables service providers to track orders internally and make changes or modifications to the original port request.
17. If you have LOA or supporting documents, attach them here.Supported filetypes: png,gif,jpg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt
Max size: 1mb
Up to 3 files accepted